Jump City -- Ann Arbor, Michigan

Your new destination for a fun way to party and play with the whole family. Jump City's location is 2825 Boardwalk. Call us at 734-995-5055 to make your party reservation!  Take a look at our Photo Gallery to see what the fun looks like!

Q. How many guests may I invite to my party at Jump City?
A. 24 kids plus the birthday child or honored guest is recommended for the Colossal  Party, and 14 guests plus the birthday child for the Super Party. Jump City charges for kids who are walking  - 18 years of age.
We will work with you if you have special requests.
Please see our Parties Page for specific info on pricing on different sized parties.

Q. What if I have more than the guest limit for my party?
A. The charge is $10 per extra guest over the party limit.

Q. Why do you require a waiver of liability and assumption of risk?
A. We believe you should be informed that there are hazards associated with this type of play. Reading and signing the waiver acknowledges your understanding of this and you knowingly accept the risk. Download Jump City Waiver (PDF).

Q. May we put family members on the same waiver?
A. Yes. There is no need to fill  out a separate waiver for each member of your family.

Q. May I bring in my own food?
A. Yes!  We are also happy to order and serve pizza for your guests. Please see our Parties page for more info.  Please consult with your party host the details.

Q. May I bring in my own decorations and paper products?
A. With each party we provide paper plates, cups, napkins, forks, knives and spoons which are generic and have no theme. If you would like to bring in your own paper products feel free to do so. As the party rooms are already decorated we do not allow any additional decorating. You are welcome to bring any table-top decorations.   Please-no pinatas!

Q. What should my guests bring to my party at Jump City?
A. A signed waiver, socks (as they are required), and a desire to have fun!  Please send your guests our FREE Jump City Invitation (PDF) that includes our waiver when you host a party at Jump City.

Q. What if I have to cancel my party at Jump City?
A. A $100.00 deposit is required to book a party and it is non-refundable. HOWEVER, the deposit is transferable for a new date as we understand emergencies occur.  We will also issue $100.00 gift certificate to you if you prefer.

Q. When do you need to know the final number of guests if I am ordering pizza, balloons or goodie bags?
A.  We will contact you a day or so prior to your event to confirm last-minute details such as orders for pizza, goodie bags and balloons.  We like to have you give us as accurate a guest count as possible, but understand the number of guests may vary from your count.  We will take a head count at your event and you will be chaarged for the numer who attend, not the number you anticipate!

Q.  May I tip my party host?

A.  Only if they have done a terrific job for you!  Tips are greatly appreciated by our staff.  We appreciate all feedback you have to offer.

Q.  Is Elvis alive?

A.  We can neither confirm nor deny this querry.  However, if the answer were affirmative he most certainly would hold a party here with us!